Dec 27, 2014

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Fixed – Playstation Network Still Down

Fixed – Playstation Network Still Down

Update: the PSN is back online.

Update: after days of silence, Sony has finally put out a statement on the Playstation blog. They state that there were denial of service attacks against multiple video game services and that outages are ongoing.

Both XBox Live and the Playstation Network went offline on Christmas Eve, with a group named Lizard Squad taking credit for the ddos attack (it is unknown if they are actually responsible). They claimed they stopped the attack late on the 25th, but neither service immediately came back. By December 26th, XBox Live had (mostly) come back online. Playstation Network users are not so lucky. Early this morning, Playstation users got an encouraging word from Sony after days of simply saying “we have no ETA”

I, personally, was able to get to the Playstation Store via a browser on the night of the 26th, but am unable to do so now, nor can I get to any network services on my PS4. The PSN status page listed “Intermittent” earlier, but now has reverted to offline. The latest tweet from Sony is implying it’s back down again.

So for now, two days after the ddos (supposedly) ended, the Playstation Network is still down. While this is nowhere near the amount of time the network was down during the infamous Playstation Network hack in 2011, it’s certainly going to leave a sour taste in Playstation owners mouths.

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