About Us

In late 1997, two friends from FortuneCity, (Kefka) and Kevin (Bann), teamed up to create a Final Fantasy fansite. At the same time, Tom (Cyberot), also from FortuneCity, had the same idea; the three joined forces and Final Fantasy Extreme was born. The three of us were later joined by another of our close friends from FortuneCity, Robert (Thrakman). In 2002, after the departure of Tom, Rob redesigned the site with Kevin handling the backend coding, and Richard the forum maintenance. The site has been redesigned several times since, ending in the current iteration, Square Extreme version 4.

There have been many others that have helped throughout the years, too many to name here, but people who stand out include Holyavenger, Supa Neko!, and The News Ninja. Most of the people mentioned are still involved and pop in from time to time, except Tom. So Tom (Cyberot), if you’re out there, we haven’t spoken to you in years! Come say hi!