Mar 18, 2020

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FFVIIR: No Release Day Delivery From Amazon

FFVIIR: No Release Day Delivery From Amazon

With only 23 days remaining before Final Fantasy VII Remake launches, customers who ordered from Amazon began receiving emails last night stating that their preorders of Final Fantasy VII Remake were not going to arrive on release day, with their actual arrival date unknown. This likely is due to their announcement that they would not accept any shipments of non-essential products for the next three weeks.

As a consumer who received the email, I am torn on what to do. If it truly is a three week cutoff, there’s still a chance they could make the delivery, three weeks ends on April 7th. I took advantage of 20% off preorders around Prime Day in 2019, and it’s a tough pill to swallow to now pay an additional $25 for the digital deluxe edition (plus you lose the Amazon exclusive preorder theme). I will be waiting until the last minute to change to a digital order just in case.

If you do wish to order elsewhere, the digital copies from the PlayStation Store are always options.

Prices are as of March 18, 2020 for the US store.

Want to play the original in the interim as I have? The PlayStation Store has the original game for $15.99, while the Nintendo eShop has the original on sale for Switch for $7.99. If you go with the Steam version, you can add the Reunion Mod and get a fan re-translation, where the author went through the entire game script and re-translated from the Japanese version giving it a far more accurate intent than what the 1997 English localization provided.

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