May 31, 2009

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FF7 for the PS3 / PSP – and your new PSP

No- sadly not a remake. Nonetheless, ESRB has indirectly confirmed that the PSN network is going to be hosting FF7 as downloadable content for both the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Playstation Portable.

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In other news; the PSP Go! was accidently confirmed via Sony’s own Qore (someone will probably lose their job over that, assuming it was really an accident). I’m not really sure what Sony is thinking with the PSP Go. The PSP-2000 model (the ‘slim’) is already quite easy to carry around… the biggest feature of the PSP Go would have to be its even SMALLER size; somewhere around the size of an iPhone.

But what really gets me here… is that it has a SMALLER screen size than the PSP-2000 / 3000 model… whose major SELLING point was the larger screen. So you’re upgrading to a downgrade… but you are also getting 16 gigs of built-in flash memory, BluTooth support, and better integration into the PSN.

And of course; no UMD slot. No word on whether or not the PSP Go! will utilize any sort of proprietary software to copy UMD games – and that should be interesting if they go that route; as it will likely lead to an even large rate of piracy.

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